Friday, December 30, 2016

Rangers 6, Coyotes 3

The New York Rangers (25-12-1) defeated the Arizona Coyotes (11-20-5) by the score of 6-3. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star - Puemp Trick
2nd Star - Puemp'd Up
3rd Star - Three Puemp Chump

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

In honor of Matt Puempel's first NHL hat trick, I've got to go with a Pumpkintini.

Gif of the Game

I really had no choice here did I?

Go to the Front of the Net...

...and good things will happen:

Not sure there's anything more certain in hockey.

Kreider Strong

The guy is an absolute beast out there. He is using his strength to make plays this season more than anytime in his career. He can out-muscle any player for the puck and, as seen by his power play goal, he's impossible to move from the front of the net.

Déjà vu

Is it me, or does Raanta some how find away to thwart what seems like a sure open side goal every game? 

I hate to say it, but Raanta's price will never be higher. I bet he could fetch a nice top four defenseman right about now.

Blame Girardi

I have no idea how some Rangers fans can constantly complain about the play of Dan Girardi.

I mean, his outlet passes are always on point...

He's sure handed around the net...

He can handle the speed of top players in the NHL...

When his defensive partner needs cover, he's there to help...

And he never leaves his man in front of the net...

I'm at a total loss.

Hayes Transition

There's only one way to explain Kevin Hayes' much improved play and skating ability this season:

Last season's workout regiment:

This season:

Norris Holden

If Holden keeps this up, he's going to force himself into the Norris conversation. I mean look at this goal tonight...

Mini Recap

Would I like to see a more convincing win over the second worst team in the NHL? Of course. But as Micheletti mentioned a few times during the game, the Rangers players were out late night with their siblings on Wednesday, which I've gotten exclusive video of:

I imagine that Lundqvist wasn't the only player dealing with the "flu" tonight, so cut them some slack! What did you expect? For the players to dis their brothers and sisters after they flew all the way out to Arizona? They were playing the Coyotes for God sake. You thought they'd take this game seriously? C'mon now. 

Let's just thank God for the power play and move on to Colorado where the Rangers will take on the NHL worst Avalanche. Wait, what? The siblings will be with them in Colorado also? This could get ugly.


  1. Kevin, one of those games where, if you were playing a better team, like Colorado this weekend, we lose. I for one still think we need to secure another defense-men; not worried about up front right now until we at least get some of the wounded back. will take the points, which is what it is all about during this time where teams like the flyers, Jackets and Rangers are getting theirs with relative ease

    Does Puempel throw his Queen Victoria puck in the garbage like Youngblood?

    1. Two points are two points. Especially when you're missing three top six forwards.

  2. What? Surely there's a drink called the Three Puemp Chump.

    Girardi - Spot on analysis. He can't be on this team next season and I don't think he will be. He's getting bought out.

    Game tied 3-3 I said there can be no possible way the Rangers lose to the verkakte Coyotes and thankfully they didn't.

    1. It was one of those game where you never really thought they were going to lose. Thankfully!

  3. I needed that!! Happy New Year to you and family. Great to read your updates again.

  4. Last night's win wasn't just ugly, it was Coyote Ugly.

    I'll see myself out ...

    1. Don't forget to tip your waitress.

  5. You nailed everything, except on the Girardi gif about covering for his defense partner...looks like he deflected the puck away, so it was actually good play...but that doesn't excuse the fact he has still been awful (OK slightly better than last year but not by much)...I hate the idea of a buyout since it will end up on the books for like 8 more years, but not sure there is a choice, especially considering there's like a 90% chance Shattenkirk ends up on the team next year...just hope they don't sign him to a long term deal like the Ilses did with Boychuck...if he refuses to sign like a 4 year deal, and looks for 6-7, I hope the Rangers look for other options, maybe bring up/sign a young dman...actually they should just give Graves a shot at this point...especially after seeing how good Brady Skjei has been and the general team youth movement the Rangers have shown interest in, especially since Gorton took over...personally I would buyout girardi in the off season, sign shattenkirk to a max 5 year deal, trade Klein for a 3rd rd pick or better (if possible but doubtful) and bring up Graves...I think that would be a solid blueline

  6. Yes, the Girardi deflection goal was nothing more than bad luck. To go along with entire theme, I was merely being sarcastic. As far as Girardi buyout, if he can't manage on the third defensive pairing with sheltered minutes, the Rangers really don't have a choice this offseason.