Monday, December 19, 2016

Rangers 3, Devils 2, SO

The New York Rangers (23-10-1) defeated the New Jersey Devils (12-12-7) by the score of 3-2 in a shootout. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star - Kevin Hayes (Got it done 5-on-5, on the PK & in the shootout)
2nd Star - Antti Raanta's Backup
3rd Star - Derek Stepan (It's about God damn time he scored)

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

When you beat the Devils, there's really only one drink to have afterward: a Red Devil of course. Plus, this was the cocktail my wife was drinking when I first met her back in 1995. Yeah, I'm old.

Gif of the Game

Nothing better than a pumped up Hank after a game tying goal in the final minute.

Beast Mode

He didn't score a single point in the game, but Rick Nash was easily the most dominant player on the ice tonight. Hell, he's been the most dominant Ranger since returning from a groin injury three games ago. Sure Nash has put up some ridiculous regular seasons with the Rangers, but I'm not sure I've ever seen him this locked in as a Blueshirt. He's playing hard and he's playing fast. When he's going to the net with consistency like he's doing right now, there's no stopping him.

Opponent Notes

I hate PA Parenteau. There I said it. I know he's a former Ranger, but he used to terrorize us when he was with the Islanders and now he's doing it as a Devil. Plus he always has that smug look on his face that I just want to smack off. I mean look at him...

And seriously, what the hell is a PA? I'm getting angry right now just writing about him. You know what'll make me feel better...

Hey PA?

Bailed Out

With the Rangers finally breaking through on Schneider with a third period Chris Kreider goal to tie the score at one, it looked like the Rangers would have all the momentum. Until this happened 2 minutes later...

Hey, at least Girardi doesn't have a history of turning the puck over...

Whatever, at least it's never a turnover in a big spot...

You know what, let's forget I even mentioned this.

Mini Recap

Obviously this wasn't a masterpiece, but I give the Rangers a ton of credit for hanging in this game, digging down deep and finding a way to win.

This was the Rangers seventh game in 11 days, not to mention they didn't get back to New York from Nashville until early this morning. So for them to have any gas left in the tank to mount a third period comeback was quite impressive.

Having said that, they were lucky to survive the overtime as the Devils had at least five separate opportunities to end it during the gimmick portion of the game.

Similar to the Nashville game, the Rangers had the better of the play early, but tonight their downfall wasn't the inability of AV to counter the opponent's in game adjustments, it was penalties.

Even though the Rangers had some prime short-handed scoring opportunities, you could see the Devils building momentum after each power play culminating with Parenteau's second period extra man tally.

While the Rangers are still struggling to find the back of the net, it was nice to see a few of the guys I called out in my last game recap contribute offensively tonight.

One of those players was Mats Zuccarello, who is like a magician in the shootout. It's almost not fair. He's also not too bad while renting space in Gretzky's office either. Sweet dish on the Kreider goal.

And of course, the Rangers wouldn't have been in position to score the game tying goal without the play of one Mr. Henrik Lundqvist, who has kept the Rangers in every game since 2005.

BTW, what's up with the fire drill line change that led to this breakaway? Jesus, is Perry Pearn running the bench again. Awful.

Rangers take a big step up in class with a showdown against the Stanley Cup Champion Penguins in Pittsburgh on Tuesday.


  1. "Even though the Rangers had some prime short-handed scoring opportunities..."

    I think you mean "Grade A short-handed scoring opportunities..."

  2. No, you think he meant to use the word prime because otherwise you'd be wrong.

    1. AV says Grade A, so I think that's what Mikey was referring to.

    2. Pretty disappointed in myself for not using that line to be honest. lol

  3. Why hate PA? Almost every ex Ranger terrorizes us. As for about time Stepan i call him " great once every 8 games" Stepan, but that was a big time deflection

    1. I don't know, PA just looks like a dick. lol