Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rangers 5, Flyers 2

The New York Rangers (27-13-1) defeated the Philadelphia Flyers (20-15-5) by the score of 5-2. For a box score, click here.

Post Holiday Recovery

Sorry for the lack of recaps recently. Took me a little longer than anticipated to snap out of my holiday alcohol induced haze. Plus the mess around my house took forever to cleanup.

3 Stars

1st Star - Antti Raanta's clone in goal
2nd Star - Ranger organization's patience (Could have given up on Kreider a couple of times. Reaping the rewards)
3rd Star - Stepan's saucer pass ability

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

In honor of the Islanders giving up on Michael Grabner, I give you the Woo Woo. Which I imagine was the inspiration for the Islanders fans' stupidly annoying "Woo!" chant.

Gif of the Game

Kevin Hayes might have scored twice in Philly, but my favorite part of his night was pissing off Claude Giroux by laughing at him during a post 2nd period scrum. Hysterical...

 How Good Was Lundqvist Tonight?

You want proof?

If you only read the final score, you'd assume the Rangers dominated the Flyers. But without Lundqvist's first period heroics this game could have gone in a completely different and unpleasant direction for the Rangers.

Dirty Little Secret

I friggin' love Wayne Simmonds. Not too many current Rangers I wouldn't give up for him. #sorrynotsorry

Dan The Man

Dan Girardi has had a tough go of it over the last two months, but I thought last night was one of his better games this season. No glaring mistakes. Sweet pass to JT Miller on Grabner's first goal. And this monster hit on the aforementioned Simmonds.


While the goal scorers get all the glory, it's usually the setup men who deserve all the credit. And on three of the Rangers five goals tonight the passer was front and center...

Ridiculous execution from both Skjei & Grabner in the defensive zone with pressure on them to spring Hayes for the game's opening goal.

Backhand saucer pass? Delicious.

Girardi (tic) + Miller (tac) = Grabner (toe)

BTW, did you ever expect Miller to develop into the playmaker he's become this season? Fun to watch.

Mini Recap

It looks like the Rangers have rediscovered their previous formula for winning: Awful in the faceoff circle and rely solely on Lundqvist.

Stanley Cup here we come!

Listen, was it perfect tonight? Of course not. But, with Staal out with an injury, I think AV has found the right defensive combinations. McD is no longer attached to possession anchors, while Klein and Girardi can be sheltered while playing alongside partners with some offensive giddyup to their games.

When the Rangers finally get healthy up front, they'll merely need their defense to be serviceable in order to be considered a Stanley Cup contender. And I think it can be with the correct combinations.

Speaking of defense, in the biggest "No sh*t Sherlock" moment of the night, NHL insider Darren Dreger mentioned during the first intermission that the Rangers are very serious about acquiring a Top 4 defenseman. Ya think?

It might have taken longer than fans and the Rangers organization originally anticipated, but Chris Kreider is finally putting it all together. His rare combination of strength and speed makes him a unique weapon in the NHL. Plus his willingness to take the punishment in front of the net in order to make plays has really taken his game to the next level.

The Rangers are now 7-0-0 in the 2nd game of a back-to-back this season and 12-1-1 following a loss. They also lead the NHL with 14 road wins. Sounds like the characteristics you need for a long playoff run.

And finally, if you're not giddy enough after a solid victory against the rival Flyers, I give you this fantastic photo of Michael Del Zotto down and out after Hayes' second goal of the night.


  1. Freaking jeckyl and hyde Rangers. Hope they show up against Comblowus on Saturday.

    1. Hence the name of the new blog. lol

  2. Great stuff Kevin. Your continued wit and invaluable information is fantastic. Hopefully we show up for the Blue Jackets. While it is one game it really will provide a measuring stick once again.

    1. Appreciate your readership and support.

  3. Del Zotto on that 2 on 1 brought back so many wonderful memories.

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  7. Was definitely a nice bounce back game. You are not alone, Simmonds is on my "i lowkey wish he was a Ranger" list with Bergeron and Letang.

    1. He plays an old school game that's so rare these days.