Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Blackhawks 2, Rangers 1

The New York Rangers (20-10-1) were defeated by the Chicago Blackhawks (19-8-4) by the score of 2-1. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star - Scott Darling
2nd Star - Scott Darling
3rd Star - Scott Darling

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

As punishment for the loss, I recommend a Chicago favorite: Old Style. (H/T to Scotty Hockey for the recommendation)

Gif of the Game

How the hell did Skjei not lose a lip? Frightening.

And of course he returned after being stitched up players.

Opponent Notes

I normally hate to give opposing players credit for anything, but Darling's "Wayne's World" bucket is fire.

Question of the Day

What the hell was Marc Staal's defensive strategy on the Van Riemsdyk goal?

Pretty sure they don't teach that at the Nicklas Lidstrom School of Defense.

Staal did redeem himself with a sweet breakup of a Patrick Kane cross crease pass attempt on his next shift.

Question of the Day Part II

Chris Kreider is so strong...

How strong is he?

Chris Kreider is so strong he can impersonate a brick wall.

Just ask Patrick Kane.

Mini Recap

For everyone freaked out by the Henrik Lundqvist healthy scratches, worry no more. It's officially time to give the keys to the kingdom back to the King and allow him to continue his reign.

A yoeman job the last week by Raanta, but it's back to the end of the bench for you my Finnish friend.

To the game, listen, sometimes the opposing goaltender steals one. I mean, when Darling is making saves like this, you tip your cap and move on:

For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure opponents of the Rangers have been dealing with this kind of defeat more often than not during Lundqvist's brilliant career. 

Rangers fans should be way more focused on the fact that their injury ravaged team was able to get the better of the play against a fully healthy Blackhawks squad for most of the night.

The biggest positive to me was the Rangers line of Hrivik-Lindberg-Fast. I know AV split them up when he was double shifting Vesey in the 3rd period, but that trio is everything a fourth line should be in today's NHL and wasn't the last few seasons with Tanner Glass doing Tanner Glass things.

Speaking of Vesey, I think Looney Tunes perfectly sums up his usage in the 3rd period:

Kid was everywhere in the final frame after AV, for reasons unknown, only played Vesey a combined seven minutes the first two periods.

I'd recap the final minute "attempt" to tie it up, but I'm not drunk enough to analyze that tire fire.

BTW, was I the only one expecting Anisimov to bust this out after he scored?

It's no secret that the Rangers uptick in play has coincided with them dominating puck possession the last five games (at least 53% Corsi For). The million dollar question now is if they can continue this pattern with Lundqvist back between the pipes.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. It was a good game overall. Wrong team won but whatever. Stick tap to Darling. He has the Rangers number really. I think the goal he allowed last night was the first one in regulation against the Rangers? Rangers should respond as they normally do after a defeat in Dallas. They'd better since I'll be there.


    1. Yeah, you really can't be disappointed with the Rangers play last night. If they continue to compete that way they're going to win more often than not.

  2. Tough one but need to move on what with tough two on the road and then the Debbies! Too many dead on shots wide of the cage

  3. I wonder if Kane tried to follow Kreider into the bathroom. That's his modus operandi when rebuffed.

    Down three of their top 6(9?) forwards AND MacTruck, I thought they played well. My only issue was the last 30 seconds and their apparent lack of situational awareness, i.e. the lack of time left.

    Perfect game to move Hank back to the throne imo.

    Keep up the great work Kevin!