Sunday, January 8, 2017

Rangers 5, Blue Jackets 4

The New York Rangers (28-13-1) defeated the Columbus Blue Jackets (27-7-4) by the score of 5-4. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star - Islanders & Maple Leafs (LOL!!!!)
2nd Star - Marc Staal (His injury allowed Clendo to finally be freed.)
3rd Star - Curtis McElhinney (Bobrovsky may never sit again after that performance)

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

Since I'm pretty sure every Rangers fan had one of these after the Gabner goal, I'll have to go with the Orgasm tonight.

Gif of the Game

As if there could be any other...

F'n Hartnell

Wouldn't have minded Girardi dropping that POS Hartnell again tonight...

La Greca Impersonates Every Rangers Fan

Pretty sure this was the sound emanating from the den of every Rangers fan tonight...

Grabner Is Fast

I was able to use a slow motion camera give you an idea of how fast Grabner was actually going on the game winner...

Torts Maturing?

Back when Torts was coaching the Rangers, this would have been his post game press conference if the Blueshirts blew a 4-1 lead...

Tonight? Down right benign...

Mini Recap

One thing about this team, they are never out of a game. We've already seen numerous times during the first half of the season, the Rangers ability to take a punch and keep on fighting. And tonight was no different.

Now sure, if Bobrovsky was in goal, I highly doubt the Rangers are able to mount a comeback. But let's give them some credit. The Rangers, who, by the way are still playing without three of their top six forwards, had THIRTY shot attempts in the THIRD PERIOD (H/T to reader Brian). It was complete domination after the 2nd period and they deserved to win this game.

Having said that, the first two periods are unacceptable. Huge game on the road and there was zero effort, zero passion and zero emotion. The Rangers have now allowed a goal in the first two minutes of a game nine times this season. That's on AV and the coaching staff. They need to do a much better job having these guys ready to play from the drop of the puck. While these comebacks are nice, getting behind the eight ball this often is a recipe for disaster.

Another game, another sh*t show on defense. Amazingly, Klein has taken over Girardi's spot as the most aging, broken down defenseman on the Rangers. The guy has a catastrophic giveaway every game. With Clendening getting more and more comfortable every night, AV has no choice but to banish Klein to the press box once Staal returns from injury.

BTW, anyone else seeing this a little too often from McDonagh?

Absolutely dusted. Even the biggest stat nerd couldn't blame Girardi on that play.

In a piece of positive injury news, Pavel Buchnevich scored in his first "rehab" game with the Wolfpack:


  1. 1. I imagine La Greca would have gone even more ape shit had he been calling a Devils game.

    2. I don't know about any of youse but I was perturbed that in the postgame when John Giannone asked AV if it felt good to see a kid like Clendening score a couple of big goals and AV immediately brushed by it to talk about the "team" and Grabner. What an ass. I think Clendo takes a seat after the bye week again. :-(

    3. Can't wait until we're fully healthy again. Jensen has already been sent back, presumably for Nash or Buch, and Hrivik and Puempel will be on their way shortly out of the lineup.

    1. Eh, too much stock put into what coach says post game. As long as Clendening continues to play I don't think he cares. Plus we have no idea what AV may have said to him in the locker room which is all that really matters.