Saturday, January 14, 2017

Maple Leafs 4, Rangers 2

The New York Rangers (28-14-1) lost to the Toronto Maple Leafs (19-13-8) by the score of 4-2. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star - Steven McDonald
2nd Star - Steven McDonald
3rd Star - Steven McDonald

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

Let's welcome Pavel Buchnevich back to the Rangers lineup with a Moscow Mule.

Gif of the Game

As always, a first class ceremony by the Rangers to honor the life and legacy of Steven McDonald.

Down & Out

Is it me or is Girardi down on his knees more than a groupie after a Mötley Crüe concert? 

Dan, if you're going to leave your man to take the pass on a 2-on-1 down low, you cannot, under any circumstances, allow said pass to get through you.

Not Exactly Light Speed

This could be the slowest shot I've ever seen get past a goaltender.

Lundqvist hasn't been awful, however, he's continuing to allow goals we're just not accustomed to seeing get past him. For the first time since he took over the starting job way back in 2005, I get nervous when the opposing team takes a shot.

What worries me the most is that Lundqvist seems to be guessing a bit, which usually indicates a lack of confidence. As you can see on the first goal, Hank is caught leaning towards the near side post.

Will be interesting to see if AV sticks with Lundqvist or goes with the real starter Raanta in Montreal Saturday night.

Hug It Out

That's a hug Ari Gold would be jealous of.

Extra Effort Award

I'm pretty sure Steve McDonald would have been proud of this "Extra Effort" goal by Chris Kreider.

Kreider now has 9 goals in the last 10 games. Not sure any of them have been further than two feet from the top of crease. Which is why he's been so effective.

Mini Recap

Could the Rangers slow start tonight have been attributed to the emotions of the pre-game ceremony? Maybe. Or due to rust coming off the bye week? Possibly. But let's not act like this is an isolated incident. It's gotten way past the point of alarming. Sadly, Curtis McElhinney wasn't in goal for the Maple Leafs tonight to bail the Rangers out again.


To be honest, after the first period, I don't think the Rangers played that bad of a game even strength (5-on-5 shot attempts after first period: Rangers 35, Leafs 20). The fluke third goal, along with an 0-for-6 on the power play (Was Mike Sullivan back behind the bench tonight?) definitely cost them an opportunity for another come back.

To me the biggest turning point of the game was Stepan hitting the pipe on the power play just a minute after Kreider had brought the Rangers back to within 2-1. Completely different game if that goes in.

Instead, just three minutes later, Connor Brown essentially ices the game on a tough deflection off McDonagh past Lundqvist.


Is it me, or was Nash supposed to return from injury tonight?

While Zuccarello had a strong game with nine shots on goal, he has as many non-empty net goals as I do the last 26 games: zero.

Speaking of not scoring, Brandon "Non Factor" Pirri needs to be drinking some Molson XXX in the press box Saturday night in Montreal.

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  1. That's Brandon Disapirri.

    Hank - Close up the 5 hole man.

    Kreider should be a candidate for the extra effort award. Awesome sequence to score that goal.

    I have a feeling the Rangers will lose two in a row tonight in Montreal. That's unless Raanta starts in goal. ;-)

    1. Totally stealing "Disapirri"!!!!! That's gold!

  2. Start Raanta tonight and I assume Hrivik will play Buchnevich. Who plays for Pirri?

    1. Totally forgot AV said he was giving Buchnevich the night off tonight. Unless they recall Jensen, I guess we're stuck with Pirri until Zib comes back.